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Grid Tie Inverter PASCAL MG 1KW-3KW

Jual Grid Tie Inverter PASCAL MG 1KW-3KW

Spesifikasi Grid Tie Inverter PASCAL MG 1KW-3KW

PASCAL grid-tied inverters, which are convenient for applying high efficienct and reliable single-phase and three-phase inverters to distributed grid-tied solar power system, along with matching communication module, system design and monitoring software platform, offer the power system higher safety and efficiency, lower cost and higher return.


  • Optimized electric control technology, over 97.30% efficiency;
  • Advanced and high efficiency MPPT algorithms, max tracking efficiency up to 99.9%;
  • Large LCD interface, easy to view and configure;
  • Build-in lock with high accuracy: records real-time information accurately; keeps running for 14 days or more once system loses power;
  • Perfect fault diagnosis, protection, records, inquiries and other functions, easy troubleshooting;
  • System-level thermal simulation technologies, higher reliability and longer lifetime;
  • IP65 protection and Anti-theft design, suitable for any kind of outdoor environments;
  • Strong networking, flexible to support RS485, WiFi, Ethernet and other communication modes.


Input (DC)    
Max. DC voltage (V)  500 
Starting voltage (V)  100
MPPT operating voltage range (V)  120- 450 
Rated power voltage range (V)  180 - 450 180 - 450 200 - 450
Number of MPPT/ string per MPPT 1/1 1/1 1/1
Max. DC power (W) 1800  2500  3250
Max. DC current (A) per MPPT x number of MPPT 9x1  11x1 15x1
DC switch  Optional 
Output (AC)   
Rated power  (W)  1500 2200 3000
Max. AC current (A)  7.5 11 15
AC voltage range 180~270Vac 
Grid frequency   50Hz(47~51.5Hz) / 60Hz(57~61.5Hz)
Power factor ≥0.99(at rated power) 
THD  < 3% (at rated power)
AC connection Single-phase (L,  N,  PE) 
Cooling  Natural cooling Natural cooling Natural cooling
Max.efficiency  96.90%  97.20% 97.30%
Euro-efficiency  96.00%  96.10% 96.30%
MPPT efficiency  99.9%
Protection degree  IP65
Consumption at night <1W 
Isolation mode Transformerless 
Operating temperature  -25℃~+60℃,  derate after 45℃ 
Display and Communication   
Display 3.5inches LCD display
Mechanical Parameters   
Dimension (H x W x D mm) 460x328x172 
Weight (kg) ≤16.5
Installation Wall mounting 


















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