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Grid Tie Inverter Pascal 20KW~30KW
Grid Tie Inverter Pascal 20KW~30KW

Jual Grid Tie Inverter Pascal 20KW~30KW

Spesifikasi Grid Tie Inverter Pascal 20KW~30KW

Pascal Grid Tie Inverter BG20-30kW three-phase inverters, rated power 20kW/25kW/30kW, model BG20KTR BG25KTR BG30KTR.

Model BG20-30kW three-phase inverters with advanced three-level technology, compact design, support 2 high efficiency MPPT tracking inputs, are suitable for medium or large-scale grid-tied PV system, such as commercial and industrial areas plant roof systems, etc.


  • Optimized electric control technology, over 98.2% efficiency;
  • Advanced MPPT algorithms, suitable for installing solar modules with different angles, max tracking efficiency up to 99.9%;
  • Large LCD HMI, easy to view and configure;
  • Build-in a high-accuracy clock: records real-time information accuracy; keeps running for 14 days or more once system loses power;
  • Perfect diagnosis, protection, records, inquires and other functions, easy troubleshooting;
  • System-level thermal simulation technologies, to ensure products' reliability and lifetime;
  • IP65 protection and Anti-theft design, suitable for any kind of outdoor environments;
  • Strong networking, flexible to support RS485, WiFi, Ethernet and other communication modes;
  • Support wall or vertical mounting, flexible to choose the installation mode according to the site.


Input (DC)
Max. DC voltage (V)  1000
Starting voltage (V) 300
MPPT operating voltage range (V) 300 - 800
Rated power voltage range (V)  400 - 800 430- 800 470 - 800
Number of MPPT/ string per MPPT  2/1(2/2 Optional) 2/1(2/2 Optional)  2/1(2/2 Optional)
Max. DC power (W)  20800 26000 31200
Max. DC current (A) per MPPT x number of MPPT 26x2  30x2 33x2
DC switch  No
Output (AC)
Rated power  (W) 20000 25000 30000
Max. AC current (A) 32 40 48
AC voltage range 320~460Vac
Grid frequency  50Hz(47~51.5Hz) / 60Hz(57~61.5Hz)
Power factor  -0.9~+0.9 (Adjustable)
THD  < 3% (at rated power)
AC connection  Three-phase (L1,  L2,  L3,  N,  PE)
Cooling  Fan cooling
Max.efficiency 98.20% 98.20% 98.20%
Euro-efficiency 97.50% 97.50% 97.50%
MPPT efficiency 99.9%
Protection degree  IP65
Consumption at night <1W
Isolation mode Transformerless
Operating temperature  -25℃~+60℃,  derate after 45℃
Relative humidity 0~95%,  no condensation
Protection DC isolation monitoring,  DC monitoring,  grounding fault monitoring,  grid monitoring,  island protection,  overvoltage and short circuit protection,  etc.
Display and Communication
Display 3.5inches LCD display,  support backlit display
System language English,  Chinese
Communication mode  RS485(Standard)  WiFi, Ethernet(Optional)
Mechanical Parameters
Dimension (H x W x D mm ) 814x626x234
Weight (kg)  ≤60
Installation Wall mounting(Optional vertical mounting)
DC terminal SUNCLIX water-proof terminal
Certifications TÜV, CE, AS4777.2:2005, AS4777.3:2005, AS/NZS3100:2009, VDE-AR-N4105, VDE0126-1-1/A1:2012, CQC(CNCA/CTS0004:2009A, CNCA/CTS0006:2010)
EN62109-1:2010, EN62109-2:2011, IEC62109-1:2010, IEC62109-2:2011

























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