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Inverter Off Grid 2000VA

Jual Inverter Off Grid 2000VA

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Spesifikasi Inverter Off Grid 2000VA

This is a DC-to-AC inverter with integrated solar battery charger, which can be used as a long run-time UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), an energy-saving solution or an automotive inverter (hereinafter referred to as “inverter”).
The inverter accepts input power source from AC mains (utility), battery, and PV (solar) string and switches between various operation modes automatically depending on the operational conditions.
When used as an UPS, battery or PV (solar) string act as back-up power source to supply loads during the outage of AC mains.
When used as an energy-saving device, the PV (solar) string can be set as priority to supply the loads without consuming the power from AC mains, as long as sufficient sunlight is present.
The battery can be charged by both AC mains and PV (solar) string with intelligent charging control.

Key features:


  • Automatic line-to-battery switchover
  • Built-in enhanced AC charger
  • Built-in solar charger controller up to 40A
  • Selectable Input voltage ranges/AC charging current/ AC or solar charger priority
  • High efficient DC-to-AC conversion with minimized energy loss
  • Rack design & wall-mounted design for flexible installation
  • Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and preventing overcharge
  • Auto restart upon AC recovery
  • User-friendly LCD and LED indications
  • Multiple protections: low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over charger protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection